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Play Dirt Special Forces

Play Dirt Special Forces - Kiddren

Play Dirt Special Forces

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It looks and feels like real dirt, but without the mess! Soft, pliable and moldable like our original Sands Alive!, now kids can play with the "Cleanest Dirt on Planet Earth" and their moms will love it! Set includes 1.5 pounds of Play Dirt, 16 soldiers and two rock molds in a convenient storage bucket. Ages 3+.

Key Features :

Indoor dirt that is easy to mold with easy clean up and can be used over and over againSet includes 16 play soldier figurines and 2 rock molds for endless funShape dirt to form different and unique shapes and patterns indoorsSafe and non-toxic formula made from all natural materials, cleanest dirt that is mess and germ freeDesigned for children ages 3 and up
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