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Textured Stampers

Textured Stampers - Kiddren

Textured Stampers

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Add creative effects to artwork with Textured Stampers! This 6-piece set includes square stampers, each with a different 3D pattern: grid, swirls, woven, sponge, stiff grass and soft grass. Use these stampers to add paint borders or backgrounds. Or, use these pattern makers with stamp pads! Textured Stampers feature large plastic handles for easy grip. As children stamp, they will develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination an imagination. The stamps come clean with warm soap and water, which makes them an ideal classroom accessory! For ages 3+. Size: 2.25"L x 2.25"W x 1.4"H.

Key Features :

This set includes 6 square stampers, each with 3D materials and patterns: grid, swirls, woven, sponge, stiff grass and soft grass.Textured Stampers have large plastic handles for easy grip. Children can easily manipulate these stampers, which means precise patterns every time!There are so many ways to add creative patterns to art! Use these 3D art tools to create backgrounds or borders on posters, signs and even walls.Who says you have to stop with paint? Use these textured stampers with stamp pads, dough or clay.
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