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Colored Sand 6 Asstd Colors 6 Oz

Colored Sand 6 Asstd Colors 6 Oz - Kiddren

Colored Sand 6 Asstd Colors 6 Oz

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Create sand jars, bottles and 2D art keepsakes and craft projects! Great for collage surfaces, mosaics and texture activities, too! Besides sand crafts, use sand art as a fun teaching tool for tactile learning and more. The convenient, re-sealable plastic storage containers provide easy access and prevent messy spills. AP Seal, non-toxic. Each pack contains (6) 6-ounce jars of assorted colored sand.

Key Features :

Students, young and old, love working with sand for its singular nature and feelHelp kids grasp concepts faster and better using craft sand as your guideMake stunning designs and patterns using our colored craft sand and any clear containerIt can be a soda bottle, plastic jar that the label will come off of easily, baby bottles or anything you like
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