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Air Screamer

Air Screamer - Kiddren

Air Screamer

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This amazing vehicle is fast and furious--and powered by AIR! Watch and learn as compressed air explodes out of the tank to run a pneumatic motor powering gears and moving your vehicle. Compressed air vehicles have been in the works for years with functional locomotives in the 1870's and cars in early 20th century. This is the technology behind the fantastic vehicle that is the Air Screamer. Pump up the volume... of air. Fill the tank one crank at a time. The crank is built in to the Screamer's body. Safety valves are in place that bleed off over pumped air and eliminate the possibility of disaster. If you crank too much, the safety valve bleeds out air until the tank reaches optimum pressure.

Key Features :

Compressed air vehicleSupports STEMThis amazing vehicle is fast and furious--and powered by AIR
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