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1 Lb Bucket Modeling Clay White

1 Lb Bucket Modeling Clay White - Kiddren

1 Lb Bucket Modeling Clay White

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Tactile, easy to work with, and soft to the touch, Crayola Modeling Clay is designed especially for kids' hands. The clay makes an ideal first sculpting compound and can help children develop an early sense of form and finesse. Great for sculpting play houses, figures, flowers, and more. Completely nontoxic, the clay is safe and suitable for young children ages 36 months and up. The clay is also designed to scrape easily off most surfaces, making cleanup a breeze. Each bucket includes 1 lb.

Key Features :

Crayola Modeling Clay enables children to create in three dimensionsClay is non-hardening for hours of useGreat for projects and craftingEasy, pliable modeling compound
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