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12 Sticks - Tuck Box White Chalk

12 Sticks - Tuck Box White Chalk - Kiddren

12 Sticks - Tuck Box White Chalk

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Kids will love learning to write and draw on a blackboard with tried-and-true Crayola Chalk. The classic white chalk pops on black or green chalkboards and erases quickly and easily. These chalk sticks have a smooth texture that glides beautifully over blackboard surfaces. Non-toxic, AP Seal. Includes 12 pieces of non-toxic white Crayola Chalk in a peggable box

Key Features :

12 sticks of white chalk for use on children’s chalkboards and other surfacesStrong, consistent formula resists breaking, scratching or skippingWhite shows up brilliantly on dark and colored surfacesCan be used on children’s chalkboards, construction paper, cardboard, paper bags and craft paperEach stick is 3-1/8" long by 3/8" in diameterWrites smoothly, erases easily from chalkboards
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