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Abc Lacing Sweets

Abc Lacing Sweets - Kiddren

Abc Lacing Sweets

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Who wants candy? These 26 colorful beads feature uppercase letters on one side and lower case on the reverse. The laces can be used to string together letter sequences , form words and reinforce hand-eye coordination. Includes: 26 plastic letter beads, 2 laces, plastic storage jar, and scoop. Each bead measures 1.75"D.

Key Features :

Learning Style: Tactile, VisualHolding the lace with one hand and placing the sweet on with the other yields a healthy serving of eye-hand and bilateral coordination.Teaches letter identification to alphabetical order to simple spelling, introducing language in a delicious manner.Exceptional Parent Magazine Toy Review WinnerNational Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors Award
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