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Amaco Air Dry Clay White 25 Lb

Amaco Air Dry Clay White 25 Lb - Kiddren

Amaco Air Dry Clay White 25 Lb

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Our inexpensive all-purpose air dry clay is perfect to sculpt, hand model, or throw on a potter's wheel. Air dry your finished pieces slowly and evenly on all sides. Decorate with paint. Seal with shellac for strength and to waterproof. This clay can also be fired to cone 04 for hardness/permanence and to glaze. Includes 25 lbs. of white air dry clay.

Key Features :

AMACO® Air Dry Clay is safe, affordable and great for student use!Use to sculpt, hand model or throw on a potter's wheel.Decorate with paint; seal with shellac for added strength.ACMI AP; conforms to ASTM D-4236/LHAMA.ACMI AP; conforms to ASTM D-4236/LHAMAIncludes 25 lbs. of air dry clay
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