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Ant Mine

Ant Mine - Kiddren

Ant Mine

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By building this ant colony, kids will learn important lessons about the natural world around them. They will learn important beginner STEM skills such as observation, attention to detail and following instructions. In addition, they will learn about one of Earth's most abundant populations. Follow the Education and Instruction booklet closely to construct the ant mine with plaster of paris, find out how to care for the ants and be inspired by experiments to understand ant behavior! Adult supervision is recommended. Size of Ant Mine: 10.25"L x 7.1"W.

Key Features :

Help kids connect with and learn from nature with this classic ant mine! Re-create a real underground ant nest and observe this fascinating world. ANTS NOT INCLUDED.Mold and paint your own ant mine with plaster of Paris and attach a water holder, ant transit tube and viewing window. Your kids will be so proud of their ant home!Science should be fun and easy to understand. That's why each step in the instruction booklet includes an illustration to show exactly what needs to be done.Collect your ants! There are two ways to transfer the ants to their new home and provided are tips on how to look after these incredible creatures.There are no fake/nutrient gels which many ants can't tolerate. Ants should be healthy and thrive in their new environment. Make sure your ants are 4mm long so they can't escape.WILD! Science products are tested to the highest consumer standards (ASTM and CPSIA). Their products are recognized internationally as having premium manufacturing quality, premium design values, the ultimate in compliance and safety, and of course, great play and learning value.
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