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Bazic Rolling Cart Blue

Bazic Rolling Cart Blue - Kiddren

Bazic Rolling Cart Blue

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This 2-wheel plastic cart is foldable, so you can assemble it when you need to use it, and fold it down for storage. It has long handle that has few adjustable heights to match your height for comfort use. It is sturdy and can hold up to 70 lbs. Comes with a lid so you can protect your belongings from rain or wind; you can even pile more items on top of the lid to save a trip. Ideal for transporting books, documents, arts & crafts items and more! A great tool for teachers. Black and Blue for a sporty feel and greater look. How to assemble? 1. Detach the lid from the side, open the latches and unfold the sides 2. Fold down and secure the base, 3. affix the 2 side bars located on the cart's base 4. Extend the metal handle in an upright position (adjust it to your likes) 5. Place the lid on top of the cart, line up with the cart and push down to secure the lid tightly (if you do not wish to use the lid, you can always snap it back on the side of the cart)

Key Features :

Size: 16"x18"15"(when expanded); 18"x18"x4"(when folded)Perfect for carrying books, paper, personal items, file folders, even groceriesAdjustable long handleDurable tiresHolds up to 70 LbsComes with lid
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