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Crafty Dab Paint Poster Paint 10 Pk

Crafty Dab Paint Poster Paint 10 Pk - Kiddren

Crafty Dab Paint Poster Paint 10 Pk

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The Crafty Dab 1.62 oz. Poster Paint comes in 10 assorted colors packed in ergonomic shaped bottles for easy hold and control. Bring home the Crafty Dab Poster Paints for a myriad of art projects. Foam applicators make the paint easy to apply. They are quick to dry and easy to paint directly. Designed with special spring mechanism, these poster paints do not leak or spill during application. Non-toxic paints for kids. Washable paints easily clean up from fabrics and skin.

Key Features :

Crafty Dab Paint Assortments A new, special, positive acting spring valve applicator with special foam applicator designed for easy use with no messAll non-toxic, fast drying, non cloggingNo drips - no spillsAssorted color
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