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Crayola Big Paintbrush St Round 4pk

Crayola Big Paintbrush St Round 4pk - Kiddren

Crayola Big Paintbrush St Round 4pk

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Four round, all-purpose arts and crafts paintbrushes for a variety of broad stokes and fine details. The brushes feature brushed silver ferrules and wooden handles that are a good fit for kid-size hands. Each handle has its own vibrant color. Features white Taklon bristles to show paint's true color. Soft and shed-resistant for smooth strokes. Pack includes 4 brushes.

Key Features :

Round paint brushes perfect for any art or craft project; great for broad strokes on posters and signs, and the finest details on art and craftsSoft, white Taklon bristles work great with Crayola Washable Paint, Tempera Paint and Acrylic PaintBrushed silver ferrules from 1/2" diameter descending to 1/8"Vibrantly colored metallic-effect wooden handles4 Per pack
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