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Deluxe Wheelbarrow

Deluxe Wheelbarrow - Kiddren

Deluxe Wheelbarrow

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Whether enjoyed in the yard, around the garden, or out by the sea, Wader’s Deluxe Wheelbarrow excites the imagination wherever it goes. Its highly maneuverable design sharpens fine motor skills and hones hand-eye coordination as little learners tote, tip, push, and play. High-quality, UV-protected plastic ensures this set’s rich colors won’t fade even after extended light exposure. Wader toys are engineered in Europe, crafted with care to endure everything your child could ever imagine.

Key Features :

FUNCTIONAL FUN: great for ages 18-months and up. Holds and hauls everything, from rocks, dirt, and sand to flowers and favorite toys.STURDY AND SAFE: the wide wheels stabilize, preventing falls and spills. Broad handlebars make maneuvering a breeze.TIP, KICK, AND LOAD: ultra-lightweight plastic makes it easy to load, tip, and wheel to the next destination.HIGH-QUALITY, UV-PROTECTED PLASTIC: this trusty toy's rich colors won’t fade even after extended light exposure.MADE AND IMPORTED FROM EUROPE: European engineered quality withstands daycare, multi-child, and multi-generational use.
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