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Easy Grip Geometric Stampers 4 Set

Easy Grip Geometric Stampers 4 Set - Kiddren

Easy Grip Geometric Stampers 4 Set

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Create patterns in paint, clay and DIY projects with geometric Triangle Grip Stampers! This set includes 4 long stampers with triangular-shaped handles and 4 different geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle and hexagon. Ideal for those with special needs, Triangle Grip Stampers rest comfortably in small hands for greater artistic control. The triangle shape also promotes proper writing grip. Made of flexible rubber, these art tools are durable for endless painting, modeling and creating. Use them to decorate cards, notebooks and clay creations! As children create, they develop imagination, creative expression, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. For ages 2+. Size: 5.4".

Key Features :

This stamp set includes 4 long, triangular handles with different raised geometric shapes on one end: circle, square, triangle and hexagon.With triangular-shaped handles, these paint and clay stampers stimulate tripod writing grip for perfect practice!Kids love to stamp their workbooks and worksheets to make shape learning more visually appealing! Use these shape stamps to decorate signs, cards, notebooks and more.The triangular handles rest comfortably in small hands. Perfect for those with special needs, these art tools provide greater artistic control and encourage independence.
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