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Feelings Hand Puppets Set Of 5

Feelings Hand Puppets Set Of 5 - Kiddren

Feelings Hand Puppets Set Of 5

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Dexter's set of 10 Feelings puppets is perfect for use in a day care center or early childhood classroom. Puppets show 5 different emotions. The puppets help the child assess and label the feeling and express it in a safe and comfortable way. Lessons ideas are included in both English and Spanish. The puppets are screen printed on a poly/cotton blend and are machine washable and built to withstand classroom use. Dexter products are proudly made in the USA. Set of 5 multicultural puppets.

Key Features :

Realistic and unique hand puppetsMade of a poly/cotton blend, are non-toxic, and washableWashable and durableMilled, printed, sewn and packaged in USA
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