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Geomag Education Kit Shape & Space

Geomag Education Kit Shape & Space - Kiddren

Geomag Education Kit Shape & Space

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Geomag Education is unique due to the fundamental magnetic property of our products. Our Education kits teach magnetic polarity while making building fun for students of all ages. Additionally, students are also introduced at an early age to the fascinating world of physics and are given important insight into its technological, engineering and mechanical applications. We believe in hands on development and students are given task cards to help encourage a systematic approach that embraces active and collaborative learning. Progressively challenging tasks are carried out in groups and roles are split between team members. Working as a unit enhances problem-solving skills, builds communication knowhow, promotes self-esteem and encourages a child's overall learning development. Each set contains 124 pieces, including rods, spheres, task cards, and large plastic carrying case.

Key Features :

Encourage a systematic approach that embraces active and collaborative learning.Geomag Education kits introduce an interdisciplinary approach to learning where students apply Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in contexts that reflect real-life experiences and applications.Work groups come to life as students explore 2D polygons, 3D geometric shapes and much more.The engaging content gives insight to both structured and open-ended play.
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