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Geomag Pro L - 174 Pieces

Geomag Pro L - 174 Pieces - Kiddren

Geomag Pro L - 174 Pieces

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Geomag Pro-L is the evolution of the classic magnetic construction system. Designed for those who love challenges, the Pro-L line, thanks to the greater strength of its magnets, allows you to create ever more complex models and structures, giving greater scope to your imagination. The visible polarity indicator on the rods means you get to understand the true potential of magnetism and can build constructions that allow you to push to the edge of the laws of physics with greater ease.

Key Features :

Students will master Constructing 2D and 3D shapes Perimeters and areas, doubling/halving Triangles and quadrilateral shapes Pyramids, quadrangles, triangles, octagons, hexagonsVisualizing and describing shapes, movements and transformationsApplying numeracy skills to other areas of learningCollecting and recording data /analyzing and explaining results and proceduresSolving problems by breaking down into smaller tasksKeep away from sensitive devices such as credit cards, computers, magnetic media and medical devices (pacemakers)
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