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Geostix Letter Construction Set

Geostix Letter Construction Set - Kiddren

Geostix Letter Construction Set

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Construct letters and creative designs with the GeoStix Letter Construction Set! This fine motor toy includes 200 curved and straight connecting sticks in 10 sizes and 7 colors, plus 25 double-sided activity cards. Build uppercase and lowercase letters A-Z, practice spelling and construct basic sentences. Children will love to build dinosaurs, animals and vehicles with the Activity Cards. Or, children can create their own unique objects and designs! These connecting sticks feature multiple connection points for endless 2D and 3D creations. The sticks are flexible and easy for kid to snap together. This educational toy is packaged in a sturdy plastic container. An ideal hands-on manipulative for learning at home or in the classroom!

Key Features :

This literacy and creativity resource includes 200 curved and straight connecting sticks in 10 sizes and 7 colors. Construct letters and designs with 25 double-sided activity cards!Use this construction toy to demonstrate uppercase and lowercase letters A-Z. Compare letters with these colorful, hands-on manipulatives.Which letters do we need to spell "butterfly"? Help children practice basic letter, word and sentence construction in a fun, stress-free way!Let's build an owl and spell the sound he makes! Foster children's creativity and literacy skills as they build animals, vehicles and more.These connecting sticks are flexible and easy for children to snap together. The kid-friendly cards display exactly which sticks children need to construct the shape.With multiple connection points and curved pieces, children can create endless designs with this fine motor toy. Follow the cards or create never-before-seen designs!
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