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Hro Acad Lvld Rdrs Gr 3-4 600l-690l

Hro Acad Lvld Rdrs Gr 3-4 600l-690l - Kiddren

Hro Acad Lvld Rdrs Gr 3-4 600l-690l

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Hero Academy is a series of 78 thrilling stories featuring seven memorable heroes and eight mischievous villains. These irresistible stories help students build important literacy skills like comprehension, vocabulary and fluency, while fostering social-emotional growth and positive mindsets. Each book includes parent tips on the inside front cover. Includes a Hero and Villain sticker pack. Pack includes 3 books and 2 sticker pages.

Key Features :

Highly Motivating - Endearing and relatable characters keep your child engaged while boosting their reading achievement.Focus on Social and Emotional Learning - Precisely leveled books explore the everyday challenges of growing up and making good decisions.Fosters curiosity, analysis, and synthesis while boosting close-reading capabilities.Makes real-world connections.
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