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Knuckz Delux Set

Knuckz Delux Set - Kiddren

Knuckz Delux Set

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Knuckz Delux Set, our biggest standard building set yet, you can assemble the Engine 29 fire truck and the Big Rig semi truck! You can also build 6 other models! Use the 397 pieces (including 12 gears and 10 tires) to construct any model you can imagine!

Key Features :

KnuckleStrutz construction toys encourage building skills and expand the imagination397 Pieces8 in 1 ModelsIncludes 22 Gears & 10 TiresBuilds - Engine 29, Big Rig, Trekz 4x4, Fighter Jet, Street Racer, Hyper Bike, Lunar Lander, or Dune Racer
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