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Manimo Turquoise Turtle 2kg

Manimo Turquoise Turtle 2kg - Kiddren

Manimo Turquoise Turtle 2kg

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With a total weight of 2 kg, Turtle is our very first 2 in 1 weighted animal. Body and shell pieces each weighs 1 kg and may be placed on different areas of the body, for an all-around comforting experience. At the same time, it encourages a shared soothing experience with those around you, thanks to her detachable shell. Reminiscent of the ocean in her turquoise shinny and silky fabric, our turtle will provide a deep sensory relief and relax body and mind. Lovable, embracing… it will become a favorite among children and adults!

Key Features :

The Manino turtle weighs 2kg, and our very first 2 in 1 weighted animalImproves motor skills (dressing the turtle)Encourages sharing and inclusionRelaxing for the body and the mind
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