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Our Amazing Senses St Of 5 Books

Our Amazing Senses St Of 5 Books - Kiddren

Our Amazing Senses St Of 5 Books

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What are the five senses? How do the eyes, nose, mouth, skin, and ears work? Our Amazing Senses teaches readers about sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound and how the body parts that make them possible work. Simple, fun text is quizzable and at an Accelerated Reader ATOS level of 1.0 or lower. Set includes Our Ears Can Hear, Our Eyes Can See, Our Mouths Can Taste, Our Noses Can Smell, and Our Skin Can Touch.

Key Features :

Readers learn about how the organs—skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth workGreat book for elementary and middle school kidsTeaches readers about the five senses—touch, smell, sight, taste, hearingSimple diagrams aid readers in understanding the concepts discussed
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