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Pendulonium Stem Challenge

Pendulonium Stem Challenge - Kiddren

Pendulonium Stem Challenge

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Physics fundamentals become playtime fun with the Pendulonium STEM Challenge from Learning Resources. This hands-on activity set challenges kids to send the included launch balls flying toward goal cups and targets with the help of a three-piece adjustable pendulum. What seems like a collection of simple tasks will actually challenge each child's engineering, problem solving, and critical thinking skills as they play around with early physics concepts such as force and momentum in search of the ideal solution. In addition to using their brains, kids will also have to make careful use of their muscles-the pendulum in the Pendulonium STEM Challenge is completely kid-powered, and helps build hand-eye coordination and muscle control without the need for extra batteries, springs, or rubber bands. Each activity set comes with a full-color booklet filled with easy-to-build challenges, which also ramp up in difficulty to encourage leveled play and continued development. Age 5+/Grade K+.

Key Features :

Introduce kids to concepts of force and momentum with the STEM-centered challenges of this fun hands-on activity setKids launch balls towards goal cups with the help of a three-piece adjustable pendulumScalable challenges reward kids for devising their own solutions and tweaking their approaches through trial and errorKid-powered pendulum boosts hand-eye coordination without the need for batteries, springs, or rubber bands
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