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Poke-a-dot 10 Little Monsters

Poke-a-dot 10 Little Monsters - Kiddren

Poke-a-dot 10 Little Monsters

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Adorable trick-or-treating monsters can't resist nibbling on their sweets, just like kids won't be able to resist popping the dots in this Halloween book! Poke the irresistible click-to-count buttons to hear satisfying "clicks" and "pops" as you count all the little monsters! This sturdy 20-page interactive board book invites kids to pop along as they count all the little monsters as they eat their sweets until they can eat no more! Poke-a-Dot® books help encourage language development, counting, and fine motor skills. Patented Pop-a-Tronic™ technology lets kids discover different popping sounds by poking the dots from the front or the back, with pages raised or flat!

Key Features :

20-page interactive sturdy board book with buttons to press and “pop” on every pageRead the catchy rhyme and count down till all the trick-or-treaters have gone to bedPoke-a-Dot™ books encourage language development, counting, and fine motor skillsDots make different clicking and popping sounds depending on how they're pokedMakes a great gift for preschoolers to early readers, ages 3 to 7, for hands-on, screen-free play
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