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Powerclix Frames Clear 74 Piece Set

Powerclix Frames Clear 74 Piece Set - Kiddren

Powerclix Frames Clear 74 Piece Set

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PowerClix Clear is the ultimate architectural building kit. With clear frame pieces that reveal the connecting magnets and mechanics of each piece, children can focus on the structure of their creations and the building pieces they use. In keeping with STEM toy attributes, PowerClix magnetic building toys encourage children to think like engineers while having fun. Children can build unlimited 3D forms by visualizing the underlying design structure of an object, then creating a wireframe model of it using magnetic frames of geometric shapes. PowerClix Clear pieces are designed to integrate flawlessly with all PowerClix system sets. Organize and store PowerClix pieces easily with the new metal plate built right into the packaging. The metal plate may be used as a building base as well. Ages 4+

Key Features :

Open-ended magnetic construction toySet includes Creativity Guide to fuel inspirationEight unique shapes create unlimited building possibilitiesMagnets never repel, so creating 2D or 3D models is easyMaterial: Translucent ABS plastic with neodymium magnetsStorage box has a metal plate for easy storage or as a base for builds
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