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Primo Triangle Crayons 12ct

Primo Triangle Crayons 12ct - Kiddren

Primo Triangle Crayons 12ct

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These amazing triangle crayons are unique! Easy grip for small hands. No dangerous pieces or bits because these triangles won't break! Save money by not replacing broken crayons. Three sides can be worn to individual point sizes. Great for STEAM activities, patented crayons are made of non-toxic beeswax. Perfect for art rubbings, small detail and large coverage. Each pack includes 12 crayons in assorted colors.

Key Features :

Take a single leaf, white paper on top, and rub with the side of the PRIMO triangle crayon, watch the image appearUnbreakable crayonsCreative and learning Art not just drawing within lines, perfect rubbing medium for all agesLong lasting, 3-points, flat edges, non-toxic, colorfulUsed for advanced rubbings
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