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Ps Headlamp Projector

Ps Headlamp Projector - Kiddren

Ps Headlamp Projector

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It's a headlamp and a projector in one! Set of 4 pieces includes headlamp, adjustable elastic strap, and 2 mini discs of images. Headlamp projects light over 10 feet and images 4-6 feet. Animal-themed mini discs include colorful images of mammals, reptiles and birds. Lightweight design allows for young explorers to play in comfort. Headlamp measures approximately 2.75"L x 2.25"H.

Key Features :

Wearable two-in-one toy works as both a headlamp and a projectorHeadlamp casts beam of light up to 1 feet in the distanceProjector casts animal-themed images drawn from included mini-discs onto walls and other flat surfacesAdjustable elastic strap and lightweight design keeps kids comfortable as they explore
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