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Pull Along Turtle

Pull Along Turtle - Kiddren

Pull Along Turtle

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Your toddler will totally love it as this adorable turtle follows them everywhere! During the walk with the turtle the child enhances motor skills, coordination, and practice balance. Slow? As if! This very colorful durable and non-toxic turtle is just as fast as the child pulling him. He can match any speed! And his turtle head bobs up and down happily when he moves! This turtle is a real eye-catcher in the children's room with his bright green color! Young discoverers can playfully explore their world with this pull-along animal in the form of a turtle! Soft plastic with no sharp edges makes this toy perfect for teething little ones. And it will not do any harm if your child falls on it. Turtle measures 25 cm long and its head bobs up and down as it is pulled along.

Key Features :

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