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Q Ba Maze 2.0 Rails Extreme Set

Q Ba Maze 2.0 Rails Extreme Set - Kiddren

Q Ba Maze 2.0 Rails Extreme Set

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Cubes that keep you guessing and rails that go the distance really ramp up your marble run fun! The unique design of Q-BA-MAZE cubes allow for a limitless range of configuration options. The 7.5-inch straight-away rails connect easily to any cube or to each other to create tracks that send your marbles zigzagging through the maze of colorful cubes. Plus, the precision engineering of the double-exit cubes gets everyone wondering, "Which way will the marbles go?" Includes 82 cubes, 18 straight-away rails, 4 coaster tubes, 4 marble catchers and 30 steel marbles.

Key Features :

Compatible with all Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 setsPerfect for any young builder looking to improve hand-eye coordination, problem solving with basic physics, and planning skillsTeaches children to embrace their creativity and design engineering marvels
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