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Rainbow Blocks Crystal Bead

Rainbow Blocks Crystal Bead - Kiddren

Rainbow Blocks Crystal Bead

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A great addition to the block play family. Smooth hardwood frames with clear plexi windows and crystal bead interiors. Sized to standard unit block measurements. Eight blocks per package: 4 rectangle and 4 half moon shapes. Features plexi inner with colored beads. • Solid wood frames with inset colored acrylic windows and colorful beads • Set includes 4 rectangles and 4 half moon shapes • Strong hardwood frames • Translucent windows with colorful beads • Standard unit block measurements • Material: Hardwood frames with primary colored, transparent plexi windows and colorful beads • Educational Focus: Hand-eye coordination, visual perception, color exploration or light table activities • Suggested Age: 2+

Key Features :

An adventure in color, light and sound!Indulge your child's appetite for exploration by merging blocks together to form new colors and sounds, or stack the blocks in a different order each time to form new and exciting shapes.Eight blocks per package.Translucent windows with colorful beads
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