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Spinny Pins

Spinny Pins - Kiddren

Spinny Pins

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Spin, wobble, sort, and discover! Each of the five colorful pins features fascinating textures to feel plus a weighted base that wobbles wonderfully. Fit them into the slots of the big bowl either upside down or right side up, matching the colors as you go. On the bottom of the bowl is a bump that keeps it constantly tilted and inside is hidden a delightful chime. Experiment with balance and movement while keeping the senses enthralled! Little ones can't stop exploring SpinnyPins. Ages 18 months+.

Key Features :

Wobbly bowl with slots for sorting textured, wobbly pinsEncourages fine motor skills, sensory exploration, early experimentationPins fit into bowl either upside down or right side upPins feature two types of surfaces - smooth and coated - unique texturesBowl features bump on the bottom so it's always off-balanceDelightful chime built into bowl
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