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Star Wars Subtraction 0-12 Flash Cards

Star Wars Subtraction 0-12 Flash Cards - Kiddren

Star Wars Subtraction 0-12 Flash Cards

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The Force is with them as your child practices subtraction skills and explores fun math challenges with Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, and more! The Disney Learning Subtraction Flash Cards include 54 Star Wars-themed cards for subtraction facts 0–12. With their favorite characters as partners, kids will exercise their memorization muscles to form a solid foundation for math success. These self-checking flash cards include a bonus parent resource card with ideas for games and activities. Disney Learning products invite children on a magical learning adventure! Favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars friends accompany students every step of the way as they practice essential skills for school success with short, fun activities that can be done just about anywhere. Let Disney Learning products bring magic and motivation to young learners as they grow in school skills!

Key Features :

Set your child up for success and help them develop math and reading readiness.Fun learning adventures alongside your favorite characters.Flashcards promote independent learning and offers prompts for follow-up family conversations and activities.Self-checking with answer key
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