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Story Blox The Cave

Story Blox The Cave - Kiddren

Story Blox The Cave

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The Cave is an exciting adventure story where Seymour E. Blox climbs a mountain on faith alone and discovers a secret cave that holds the answers to many mysteries about the Earth's history, extinct animals, old memories, a new home, and much more. Journey deep into the cave and discover shimeji mushrooms and glowing pilea flowers, and prehistoric creatures when you build a Mastodon and T-Rex!

Key Features :

Contains 118 parts including 29 unique patented parts including three 2-way LEDs and one color changing LED you won't find in any other toy brick setBuild 8 different characters or objects that all light up in this leading edge STREAM productDirectly compatible with other brick building construction setsRequires one 9V batteryAges 8 and upLearn about series and parallel circuits, mountain climbing, micro chip technology, flower botany & biology, Mycology (study of fungi), Spelunking (cave exploring) and more!
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