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The Magic School Bus Space Lab

The Magic School Bus Space Lab - Kiddren

The Magic School Bus Space Lab

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Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists on a wild ride with The Magic School Bus as they explore Space. Young Scientists will use the included specialized astronomical device called the Star Pilot™ to locate constellations both on the star ball and in the night sky. Fun and exciting experiments and activities include making a constellation box, learning about the life cycle of a star, making a solar system mobile, creating a planet poster, making a night-vision flashlight, and much, much more! This inquisitive bus-shaped kit comes packed with science components for the experiments and activities, 20 colorful instruction cards, a 16 page booklet on constellation myths from all around the world, a data notebook, poster and the unique Star Pilot™. Seatbelts, everyone! Get ready to navigate the sky with Space Lab!

Key Features :

award-winning Science kitThe Magic School BusUnique constellation finder that can be used indoors and outsideComes with a constellation story bookMultiple Award-winner
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