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Wooden Eggs

Wooden Eggs - Kiddren

Wooden Eggs

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These realistic Wooden Eggs allow your little one to "help" in the kitchen, play "store" or any of a dozen (no pun intended) role-playing scenarios. Designed for children ages 3 and up, each set includes 1/2 dozen eggs, 3 white and 3 brown, in a sturdy egg carton that looks just like the real thing. If only Humpty Dumpty had been made of wood, things may have turned out differently.

Key Features :

Designed for children ages 3 and above to promote a variety of role-play opportunities1/2 dozen wooden eggs Includes 3 white and 3 brown realistic wooden eggspresented in a sturdy cardboard carton; carton measures approximately 4" x 6"Ages 3+
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